Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision


At Stonewood School North, our top priority is to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for each and everyone of our children. Our philosophy is that children learn best through experience. Each classroom provides the opportunity for children to gain knowledge through interactions, exploration, and curiosity. Our teachers strive to help each child build a solid foundation to their social and emotional development.


All classroom’s at our center provide time for both teacher directed and child directed activities and experiences. At Stonewood School North, it is our belief that children learn best through exploring the world around the. Our teachers encourage this type of curiosity and experimentation by choosing and rotating materials in and out of their classrooms. Through well thought out play based curriculum our teachers are able to help each child meet their developmental milestones as well as, strengthen and expand cognitive development.


At Stonewood School North we strongly believe in respect. Respect is a key player in developing a happy and healthy childhood. Through providing a nurturing, healthy, and happy classroom environment, we are able to achieve our vision of respect.

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