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Welcome to the Preschool/Pre-K Program at Stonewood School North

Children in preschool/pre-kindergarten spend two years in our program exploring and learning the basic skills they will need for success in Kindergarten. Their activities for the day begin with a Morning Meeting/Circle Time and continue with hands-on experiences where they learn numbers and letters; basic science, math, and social studies skills; engage in art projects; spend time outdoors and/or in our motor room; perform special classroom jobs to build a classroom community; and practice independence, listening skills and tolerance of others. As their language skills develop, children participate in activities that promote pre-reading and pre-writing development as well as how to properly communicate with others.

Teachers value communication with our preschool/pre-kindergarten families and talk with parents each day. Teachers distribute a classroom newsletter monthly and have also started a classroom blog where our families can see all the wonderful activities their children are doing to help them learn and grow. We are very excited to have developed a great relationship with our friends at the Residence of Shelburne Bay and our preschool/pre-kindergarten students visit them each week. They sing songs and do other fun activities together and our children have come to appreciate this special inter-generational bond with their neighbors.

Stonewood School North partners with all local school districts to offer Act 166 Universal Pre-K. For more information, please contact your local school district or talk with our Director when you inquire about enrolling.

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