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Welcome to the Toddler Program at Stonewood School North

Our toddler classrooms are created to encourage emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development. At Stonewood School North, we recognize that the toddler years are a time of great growth and development and toddlers engage in activities that support a sense of self and independence. Communication skills are developing rapidly at this age and teachers spend a great deal of time talking with children and constantly giving positive reinforcement as all skills are learned.

Each classroom has a routine that they follow daily and includes free play in various interest areas, small and large group projects, time outdoors and in our motor room, and meals and a rest time. Children will also engage in special theme-related activities, neighborhood walks, and time learning how to share and be a good friend. Teachers have an open means communication with parents and share information about each child’s day at pick up. Communication is also shared in monthly newsletters and a classroom blog.

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